Why Us

MMFA is a financial services firm designed to objectively provide advice without conflict of interest. Our mission is to be transparent with our clients and provide advice that is truly in their best interest. We operate with the highest of fiduciary standards and consider a long-term relationship built on trust and transparency to be our ultimate goal.

At Master Mind FinnAsset, we provide our clients with individualized comprehensive financial services and investment allocation based on their life and financial goals and their stage of life. FinnCore services include education objectives, retirement, insurance needs analysis and investment allocation. We leverage the latest technology to optimize our services.

Varun Vaid, Director Master Mind FinnAsset believes that all people should have access to expert financial advice regardless of the amount of assets they have to invest. We work with clients to identify their risk profile and allocate their investments based upon their risk sensitivity. This discipline will alleviate panic selling, trend chasing, market timing, and other mistakes that harm investors, damage investment portfolios and impair financial plans.

We at MMFA, also believe in having clear conversations with non-financial clients and discussing investments and objectives in simple terms. We use the latest technology for developing and monitoring our clients investment portfolios and financial plans in order to obtain optimal accuracy, client usability and presentation.

We at MMFA, offer a wide array of products and services, including integrated Financial & Wealth Assesments, Cash Flow Analysis, Tax Saving, Life & General Insurance, Risk Management, Income Protection, Debt Reduction, Retirement, Childrens Future Objectives, Estate Planning etc. We serve over 1700 clients, high net worth families, corporates, individuals and retail investors. Our aim is to provide independent, high quality and customized Financial Services to All. “Maximizing Wealth” is the first and foremost motive of us.

About Us
M/s Master Mind FinnAsset having a goodwill & reputation among the organization in its category is a proprietorship concern founded in 2005 by Varun Vaid, Director MMFA – having required certifications laid down by the regulators i.e. AMFI & IRDAI.

Varun Vaid, Director MMFA, is having rich experience in Finance, Marketing & Sales, Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, and After Sales Operations & is active into business since 2000.

Our services are individually designed to meet clients needs as determined by personal consultations and constant monitoring of their financial objectives. Our approach is to counsel individual clients, understand their profile, needs and concerns, build customized financial investment portfolios, and offer a comprehensive selection of investment alternatives that will suit their financial objectives.

Our Vision
Varun Vaid, Director MMFA firmly believes to build M/s Master Mind FinnAsset as a trusted brand in the Financial Services Sector.

Our Mission
To provide a wide range of products and services in the field of Financial Services Business segment with a commitment to -

  • Highest standards of quality at a reasonable cost.
  • Meeting the general and sophisticated financial objectives of our clients.
  • Maintaining client confidentiality to every possible extent.
  • Taking well care about the integrity, objectivity, fairness & professionalism.
  • Maintaining a long term relation with clientele.
  • Maintaining the standards by being competent & diligent.
  • Developing, encouraging and rewarding superior performance of our employees.
Our Motto – “Making Future Safe, Secure & Bright.”